2008 Corvette Mods - Engine Bay

Magnum Wires & AC Delco Plugs

Changing plugs & wires was the very first thing I did after purchasing my Corvette. Even though there were only 42,00 miles on the car I still changed them. I opt'd for AC Delco 41-110 Iridium plugs, Mangnum plug wires & AC Delco heat sheilds. Why Magnum wires? Well they have a SOLID Stainless Steel core. 10 mm silicone wrapping, Mercury Marine style plug boots & a RF choke.

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Corsa Cold air Intake

This was one of the first mods I made, a CAI (Cold Air Intake). Now there are a lot of Pro's & Con's on whether or not a CAI has any benefit. IF & I say IF you plan any other performance mods then it is probably worth it otherwise stay with what you have save yourself probably $300 or more.

Now comes the fun part, which one do you install. There are probably a half dozen or more different CAI's available and the all say you will get an increase in HP/Torque. But, the only way you will ever know is to do a before & after dynamometer run. So which one did I install?

At first it was the one off a Z06 but realized it was just like the stock one minus the air silencer.

Stock LS3 Bas Air filter.

Z06 Air Filter.

So, I picked one from Corsa as it has a scoop that draws the from the front grill & pretty much eliminates most engine heat. It also has 2 side air intakes so in theory you will get max cool air to the engine. There is only 1 issue with this kit.... you have to CUT a hole in the radiator shroud cover to slide the scoop in. Not a biggy as you can get a replacement shroud via GM, Amazon, eBay etc.

After running this setup for about 6 months I realized that I was about to go a rabbit hole as I was looking at new cam, heads, throttle body, injectors, header etc. Not going to happen! So, back to stock & leave it alone. To that end I went back to a Z06 Air cleaner for looks. I found a carbon fiber one on the Corvette forum for song. I was able to sell the stock Z06 air cleaner for what I paid for it to another forum member.

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Air Filter Baffle

I saw this item in the For Sale section on the Corvette forum. I beleve the purpose is to keep the hot engine air from working it's way into the air filter & keep the IAT's lower. The cost wasn't outrageous & it looked like fun project.

I had to do a bit of Dremel work to get it to fit my CF covered Z06 air box.

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DIY Catch Can

A catch can is almost a must on some cars depending on hoe the PCV system is setup. On my Hemi Scat Pack it collects a fair amount. I looked at 2 or 3 different vendoros & decided to make my own. I used a Elite Engineering LS3 bracket with spacer & a Mishimot compact catch can.


Install is not to bad. A few connectors to remove, a couple of hoses, a bracket & the PCV hose. The braket is PITA as ther3 is no room for a std socket. I used a gear wrench & adapter (Harbor Freight).

Hoses & Connectors

Remove Bracket

Remove PCV Hose

CC & Bracket Install

I removed the barbed CC connectors & used -6AN fittings.

Note - I made my own hoses.

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Alternator Cover

This is 100 % bling & takes maybe 15 mins to install.


  1. Line up the cover on the alternator & mark the pilot drill holes.
  2. Drill the pilot holes.
  3. Install the screws with the button cover base.
  4. Install the Caps & your done



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R & R The Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is probably the one most overlooked maintenance items on a car. Why? We forget about it. Cabin air filters cost about $20 at any parts store or even Wal-Mart. Got a musty smell at startup... That's mold or mildew on the evaporaor core an changing the cabin air filter will not fix it. Only fix for that is to clean the evap core.

Changing the cabin air filter is 5 minute job.

Remove the cabin air filter door by lifting up on the 3 clips & remove the air filter.

Don't be surprised if you find bugs, leaves and a few other weird items stuck in the filter.

Install the new filter with the air flow pointing in the correct direction & replace the cabin aif filter door."

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