Le Mans 2017 Photo Gallery

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Group Photos from Le Mans

Here a few photos of our first group meetin, happy hour at the Hotel Mecure, some more from dinner at Bistrot Melrose and few shots from other members.

2017 24 Hours of Le Mans

In August of 2016 I picked up a 2008 LS3 3lt Victory Red Corvette. Some friends, that have 2 Corvettes, invited me to join the Heart of Texas Corvette Club, which I did. At one of the club meetings the club National Corvette Museum Ambassador announced that there was going to be 24 Hours of Le Mans bash at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY. I replied that I could wtch it on TV for free. To which he replied, "Well you can go to Le Mans with NCM tour group as see it in person". Long story short, I signed up and took the 10 day tour package.

6-16/17/18-2017 - At the track in Le Mans

Normandy-Omaha Beach-Pointe du Hoc- American National Cemetery

6-14-2017 - As part of the 2017 Le Mans trip we had a number side trips. We spent most of one day in Normandy. We toured the German gun emplacements at Longues Sur Mer, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc and the American National Cemetery. Omaha Beach & the American National Cemetery was an emotional experience for many, including me. You could see it in their faces.

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Napoleon's Tomb

6-12-2017 - Another side trip to Napoleon's Tomb. It should be noted that security checkpoint was manned by 3 French soldiers. Technically you are not allowed to photograph security personel. We had one guy take a picture and he had to erase it while security watched. I got one but I blanked out his face.

Notre Dame Cathedral

6-11-2017 - Another side trip to Notre Dame Cathedral. We did this tour on sunday & they were holding mass at the same time that we were in the church.It should be noted that security was tight as a Police man was attack with a hammer the week before. The last picture is of 2 French soldiers on walking patrol. Technically you are not allowed to photograph security personel so I blanked out their faces.

Montparnasse Tower

6-11-2017 - Another side trip to Montparnasse Tower 56th floor observation deck. It took a bit of stair clmbing. Not the best thing for old tired knees. But, man what a view.

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The Louvre Museum

6-12-2017 - Another side trip to The Louvrer Museum. This place is huge & you could spend a full day checking it out. Got to see the Aphrodite aka Venus de Milo & The Mona Lisa in person.

Palace of Versailles

6-13-2017 - Another side trip to The Palace of Versailles - AKA Louie's Palace. This was a long bus trip down and back. But, old Louie lived large.

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Paris Viewed From The Bus

6-11-2017 to 6-19-2017 - This is the last of the photos. It includes photos taken from the bus as we traveled to various venues. This includes The Eiffel Tower where we had very nice evening meal, The Moulin Rouge with another very evening meal & show, The Seine River cruise & our last stop Charters for our one real "Free Lunch" on the way back to Paris from Le Mans.

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