2017 Dodge Charger Scat Pack - 6.4L

In June of 2017 I decided that I needed to get down to 2 cars. The choices were 2008 Corvette, 2010 Dodge Hemi Challenger & a 2014 Cadillac ATS. The choice was a no brainer. The Challenger & the Cadillac had to go. So, I looked a selling them to a private party or doing a 2-car trade to save the sales tax on a new car. So, off to look at cars. My first stop was to my local Cadillac dealer that I purchased the ATS from. I was looking at an ATS-V V6 twin turbo Coupe. After looking at the sticker price (north side of $65,000) I thought about a used one that was sitting on the lot. Ruled that out when they wouldn't budge off the $52,000 price tag for a 9,000 mile 1 year old car. Also, they were not really interested in a 2 car trade a & the numbers for the cars were really low based on Kelly Blue Book & Edmunds or even the dealers "Black Book”.

So, I went back to the dealer I bought the Challenger from & as they are only 6 miles away from my house. First question was would you do a 2-car trade. Answer, you bet. So, the sales guy took the Challenger over to the used car lot for an appraisal. That took about 10 mins. He brought car back & I told him I would big the Cadillac ATS down in about 20 mins. Returned with the ATS and it went over to the used car lot for an appraisal & returned in about 10 mins. Now comes the fun part... the car that I want has been sold. My sales guy says he will do a search and find me another one. He finds one about 75 miles away at a sister dealership. OK... let's make a deal. His first set of numbers was a bit low and I countered. Sales manger OK's the deal. Car should be in the next day. Ding Ding.. phone call from the sales guy. My car is not available but they have another but a slightly lighter shade of gray (Max Steel Gray). OK, I can live with that. Ding Ding... another phone call. The trading dealer will not release either car. But, they have one in my original color choice (Crystal Granite Metallic) & it has the upgraded wheel package ($2,200 option). I will take it & the wheel package is free as we have a signed agreement.