Photobucket Sucks

After years of uploading photos it seems Photobucket has gotten greedy. They are holding our photos that we published on various sites (called 3rd party hosting) at ransom to the tune of $399 a year. Needless to there is no way in hell that anyone should or will pay that. I am lucky in that I have 99% of my photos backed up. So, if you see the image below on any of your posts you need to find another photo hosting site. But, be aware that FREE 3rd party hosting sites more than likely will end as Photobucket did do to the shear numbers of photos being stored & the bandwidth required to host them costs real money & vendor ads are not paying the freight so to speak.

I have this web site as a sub-domain off my main domain. I have almost umlimited data & bandwidth for about $100 a year. I can create any number of sub-domains (web sites).

For those photos & misc items that I don't have backed I figured I would just download the album from Photobucket. To add insult to injury these MF's disabled the album download function. I downloaded an album just to test it and a week later I a got oops msg download failed.

OBTW - If your retry the download that does not work either & the little warning msg at the top of the screen disappears in about 10 seconds.

So, I sent a msg to & their answer was, "It's a known issue and we are working on it." Bull shit... people were leaving in droves & taking their photo's with them. But, they said I can download them 1 at a time. I have close to 1,000 photos. But, 90+% of my photo's backed up.

Well all of a sudden there is a new download box on the site. you can download 100 or less for free or you can download UNLIMITED for $$. But, the kicker is the function is a Chrome extension. I checked it out as I use Chrome as my browser & for $1.99 I downloaded all of what I needed. Then I spent the better part of an hour deleting my albums 1 at a time.

Once I get my photos I need off their servers I will leave the very photo at the top of this page on their site. I wonder how long it take them to delete my account. LMAO

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