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Camro Hood Vent

Looking at the C7's with the hood vents I thought my C6 needed one. There is a thread on the Corvette Forum (Camaro Hood Vent Install) on adding the hood vent from a 2014 Carmaro.

I did some research & found that ACS Composites makes a kit. But, they want $329 for it. You can get the Vent (part #22828242) &. Camaro tray (part #23213078), which is different than the ACS kit tray, from GM for about $175. I got my kit from a Corvette Forum memnber.

The kit consits of the follow parts:

Now comes the fun part.. the install. I was temped to do it myself but to many other things got in the way. So, I decided to let a local body shop do it. This was good & bad. The good part was it was done by a master fiber glass craftsman. The bad part was he ran into fitment problems and he did off the books. Therfore it took for ever to complete after figured out the fitment issue.

I had a small problem mounting the tray after I added the hood insolator. The mounting studs were not long enough. The mounting studs were removeable. I replaced them wit some 1/4x20 bolts, 3/16 washer & nylon locking nut.

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