Corvette Mods - Interior

Sport Pedals

My 2008 only had a sport brake pedal. So I picked up a sport gas pedal & dead pedal kit.

I found it easier to install the if you remove the gas pedal assmebly and dead pedal mounting block.


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Door Handle Fix

The 2008 is all electronic, even the doors. As with all electronic parts the wear out, break or just act funky. In my case the pressure required to open was hard. I search the Corvette forums found out this a come problem and there was an easy fix. Remove the door handle and clean the contacts.

Remove the 2 screws & disconnect the electrical connector.

Remove the 5 screws & split the case to access the printed circut board &contacts. I used a 3M scrubby & some alcohol to clean the circut board. Cleaning the contacts is a little more involved. A small brass brush & some alcohol is all that was needed. I added a dab of dielectric grease to the printed circut board, reassmebled the two halves & installed it back in the door. Now it works with minimum about of pressure.

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Navigation Diags

Have you ever wonder whats "under the cover" of your GM Navigation system? Well here is how to get that info. I snagged this off the Corvette forum.

First you need to be in Accessory Mode. Just press & hold the Accessory switch.

Once in Accessory Mode.

Bring up your Navigation screen.

Press Menu.

Now press the screen right after the U in Menu & hold it till the unlock screen comes up..

Now enter 295660 &. press OK. Your now in Navigation Diagnostic Mode.

Diag screen shots.

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LED Light Upgrade

Where do you get the LEDs you ask... Well, you can get from any number of places including eBay, any number of lighting vendors or directly from China.

The interior lights are kind of a PITA as the bulbs are really small & hard to get a hold of to remove then or you have remove the complete light assembly. The lights in the rear view mirror are the hardest to remove followed by the glove box. The foot wells and rear hatch lights you just remove the whole light assembly. If you don't like pure white light in the foot wells just change color to red, blue etc.

Be aware that the bulbs you remove get hot really quick. But, if you let the car set for a bit the ECM will shut them off and you can work on removing them when they cool off.

Just remember the LED's have polarity. So, you need to check that the light works before put it back. If it doesn't light up just rotate it 180 and try again.

Old 194 repalcement T10 Bulbs

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Center Console Upgrade

Simple exchange of a the hard plastic center console cover for a padded one with red stitching & Covette emblem.

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Vitesse Throttle Controller

I bought this just to see if it worked. Yup it works.. But, it just ehances the throttle position to eliminate throttle lag or tip in. I guess if your an agressive drive & throttle lag is an issue then your go to go. But, ultimately I removed it & sold it.

Install is not difficult. Just, remove the lower dash cover, foot feet, install the plug & play cables, mount the control box the display, re-mount the foot feet & lower dash panel. Al that is left is to doe the controller setup & your good to go.

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Visor Overlay

I like most of you hate those danm visor warning labels. Some have tried to remove them with really bad results. So, I decided to just cover them with some carbon fiber vinyl & some Corvette emblems.


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